To participate in some of our club events, you will require a certain level of skill.  To find out more contact Paul on: 0400 842 445
2017 - 2018
Feb Sunday 03 Kayak Polo Sunday 10 Shoalwater Marine Park Sunday 17 Mandurah Coastal Sunday 24 Swan River Paddle Mar Friday 1 - 4 Denmark Paddling Weekend Saturday 09 Night Paddle Sunday 17 Off Shore paddling Sunday 24 Open Water Crossing Sunday 31 Day Off Apr Sunday 07 Flatwater Paddle Sunday 14 Sea Kayak Sunday 21 Easter Sunday 27 Lights Paddle May Friday 31 Green Head Paddling Weekend June July Aug Friday 2-3 Bridgetown Paddling Weekend
Welcome   to   our   club.... Mandurah   Paddling   Club   caters   for   most   forms   of   paddling   activities,   with   diverse groups   of   enthusiastic   paddlers   sharing   the   same   common   interests. These   range   from   sea   kayaking   to   river paddling,   white   water   rapids   to   ocean   surfing   and   expeditions.   Situated   in   Mandurah,   we   have   access   to magnificent   waterways,   such   as   the   canals,   the   Peel   inlet   and   estuary,   the   Murray   &   Serpentine   rivers   and the   Indian   Ocean.   Whether   it’s   training   towards   your   first   Avon   Descent   or   taking   in   the   amazing   local   flora and   fauna,   there   will   be   a   group   with   the   same   vision   to   participate   in   a   safe   and   enjoyable   activity.   We   also have a wealth of experience to help newcomers who want to take up the sport.
Welcome to Mandurah Paddling Club. If you're interested in kayaking or just want to find out what it's all about, click on "Calendar" and come on down for a look.
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Position Name Email Address Phone No President: Paul Harding 0400 842 445 Vice President: Katrina Fyfe 0438 928 092 Secretary: David Gray 0416 025 024 Treasurer: Tricia McDaid 0474 498 135 Committee Members: Sonia Harding 0400 841 165 Kay Giles 0428 203 138 Website: Vern Gough 0438 398 825 Address: Western Foreshore, Halls Head, WA 6210 Postal Address: PO Box 1975, Mandurah, WA 6210 Email Address:
  To apply for membership with Mandurah Paddling Club inc, simply email this address ( referencing your name, address and phone number and we will get back to you.
Payee:  Mandurah Paddling Club Account Number 382670    BSB 036157
Mandurah Paddling Club Sea Skills Award Training
Enrolment                  MPC Members                       (inc AC awards and certificates) $60            Non MPC members               (inc AC awards and certificates) $100 Training sessions            MPC Members                       $15 per session            Non MPC members             $30 per session   Assessment fees   (conducted by an accredited AC assessor)            MPC Members                       $ to be confirmed            Non MPC members               $ to be confirmed
Places are limited and MPC members will be given first opportunity for this enrolment. For enquiries and bookings contact Paul.
The Sea Skills training program will be continued for the 2018 - 2019 season. This course is aimed at those members who have their Basic Skills certificate or are recognised as currently having a suitable skill level, who want to further those skills to enable them to participate in more adventurous ocean paddling events, such as those conducted by MPC. The course will be conducted by Paul Harding over a number of weeks, predominantly 3hour sessions on Saturdays or Sundays, at various locations. The cost of the course is as follows:
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